Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) owns Electronic Data Systems, which heads a consortium providing biometric monitoring of checkpoints, including four built inside the West Bank in violation of international law (Betunia, Tarqumia, Qalandia, and Bethlehem checkpoints). HP also supplies printers to the IDF, which enforces the occupation. The Israeli Navy has chosen HP Israel to implement the outsourcing of its information technology infrastructure. Under the project, HP Israel will assume full responsibility for the management and operation of the Navy’s IT infrastructure, including computer and communications centers. With the aid of these communications centers, the Israeli Navy has attacked ships carrying humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. It regularly attacks Gaza’s fishermen within Gaza’s own territorial waters, and has often shelled civilian areas in the Gaza Strip, killing Palestinians. A Hewlett Packard subsidiary, HP Invent, is listed among companies outsourcing IT services to a company called Matrix, which employs settlers in the illegal settlement of Modi’in Illit to do much of its IT work at low wages.

http://www.neumc.org/console/files/oFiles_Library_XZXLCZ/FULL_April_2010_DTF_Reportfinal_ RXMZAKQR.pdf


SodaStream’s main production site is in Mishor Edomim, an Israeli settlement industrial park located in the West Bank.

The land where the SodaStream factory is located was illegally confiscated by the Israeli military occupation authorities from Palestinian owners. Israeli settlements are an impediment to peace and violate international law.

Since 1968 the US government has called on Israel to stop building and expanding settlements in the West Bank.

Companies should not profit from products that are made on stolen property or that perpetuate the Israeli occupation of the West Bank



You may have heard about SodaStream recently, it is a company which produces devices for home carbonating your drink. You may or may not have heard that the company is based in an illegal settlement in violation of international law.

As ‘Trading Away Peace’ – a report by 22 NGOs – states:

“The main factory is in the Mishor Adummim industrial zone in the West Bank. Mishor Adummim is part of Ma’ale Adummim, one of the largest settlements strategically located east of Jerusalem, the establishment of which is considered one of the largest expropriations of private Palestinian land during the occupation.118

SodaStream pays taxes to Ma’ale Adummim Municipality; its revenues are thus directly funding this settlement, which effectively bifurcates the West Bank and is considered to be a major obstacle to any future peace agreement.”

Occupation Is Not Green: Boycott SodaStream!

Galilee Export

Galilee Export was established in 2011 by farmers with a working history of 50 years under the auspices of the parent umbrella organization – Milouot cooperation. In light of changes which took place that year in the Israeli agriculture export structure, the Milouot growers decided to establish their own export company to market their fresh agricultural products (the western north part of the country) all over the world. As Galilee Export’s “growers’ organization” business structure meets the global trend of direct commercial connections between growers and the markets, it creates a mutual advantage for both customers and growers who see their vision come true.

The farmers at Galilee Export grow various agricultural crops such as Avocado, Persimmon (Sharon Fruit), Carrot, Grapefruit and easy peelers, Sweet Potato, Litchi / Lychee, Mango, Grapes, Pepper, Pomegranate and Medjool Date. Galilee Export owns one of the biggest packing houses in Israel for Avocado, Citrus, Litchi and other fruits. The packing house handles over 30,000 tons of fruit per year. About 70% of the production is for export, mainly to Europe. The agricultural products export company and packing house have been granted mandatory quality standards certifications and respectively comply with the required standards in various markets throughout Europe and Worldwide.

Galilee Export has attracted and recruited managers and sales marketing personnel, all highly skilled with many years of experience in both marketing and selling fresh agricultural produce, dealing with export markets in Europe, Russia, Japan, the United States and other countries. The company’s minimum sales turnover forecast for 2012, the first year of operation, is $70 million, with an estimated 10% percent incremental growth YoY (year over year),with all products marketed under the Galilee Export brand label.


UNIVEG UK are growers and importers of a wide range of organic fresh produce. We are able to offer top quality organic fruit, vegetables and salad lines from around the world.

Some examples include Organic Dates from Israel, Organic apples & pears from our own farm in Argentina and Organic Ginger and Garlic from China. These products, as with all other certified Organic products are residue free.



UNIVEG Procurement Manager Clive Bayston said ‘We recognise Israel as a good source of mangoes and we see definite benefits in fruit quality as a result of the very short sea freight shipping times. We will start off the season with speciality mango Aya & Maya and then move into Kasturi’



Stephensons Avenue
PE11 3SW

tel: +44 (0)1775 711565
fax: +44 (0)1775 711571
email: info@univeguk.co.uk


veolia (1)

Veolia Environnement is a French multinational that trades in water and waste management, energy and transport services. Veolia Transport, a subsidiary of Veolia Environnement, is a leading partner in the CityPass consortium, contracted to build a light rail tramway system linking west Jerusalem to illegal Jewish settlements such as Pisgat Ze’ev, French Hill, Neve Ya’akov and Gilo in occupied East Jerusalem. Once built (due to be completed in 2020), the rail system will help to cement Israel’s hold on occupied East Jerusalem and tie the settlements even more firmly into the State of Israel.

Through its subsidiary Veolia Environmental Services Israel (which has bought TMM Integrated Recycling Services), Veolia also owns and operates the Tovlan Landfill in the occupied Jordan Valley, using captured Palestinian natural and land resources for the needs of Israeli settlements. Other subsidiaries include Connex Transportation Israel, Veolia Environmental Services Israel, TMM Integrated Recycling Industries, Veolia Transportation Israel, Connex Jerusalem, Veolia Water Services Israel. Veolia also holds a number of contracts for recycling and waste management across Europe. Veolia UK’s head office is London (154 Pentonville Road, N1 9PE). For more information, see here).

Earlier this month, Veolia lost a €3.5m contract in Sweden over its involvement with the Jerusalem light rail project (see here). In 2006, Dutch bank ASN also broke off financial relations with Veolia for the same reason, as did the Irish tram drivers union broke. In November 2008, a group of Palestinian, Israeli and international activists demonstrated in front of Bilbao City Hall in protest against the council’s plans to award Veolia a contract for the cities bus transportation.

Direct Action Against Israel – Part 1


Veolia ES Birmingham Ltd, set up in 1993 as Tyseley Waste Disposal Ltd, has a 25-year integrated waste management contract with Birmingham City Council, to operate as its strategic partner to deal with waste arisings, maximise recycling and produce Energy Recovery

Tyseley Waste Disposal Ltd
James Rd
West Midlands
B11 2BA
Tel: 0121 680 2000

Veolia Environmental Services – Birmingham


Bebb Travel
The Coach Station, Llantwit Fardre, Pontypridd, CF38 2HB
Tel: 01443 215100
Fax: 01443 215134

Aston Coaches / Ultima Tours
Clerkenleap, Broomhall, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR5 3HR
Tel: 01905 820201
Tel: 01905 829205 (Ultima Tours)
Fax: 01905 829249

Paul James Coach Holidays
Unit 5, Grange Farm Business Park
Grange Road, ugglescote, eicestershire E67 2BT
Telephone: 01530 832399
Facsimile: 01530 836128

Pullman Coaches
Unit 12
Crofty Ind Est, Penclawdd, Swansea, SA4 3RS
Tel: 01792 851569

Shamrock Travel
Unit 6, Pontcynon Ind Est, Abercynon, Mountain Ash
Tel: 01443 742770

Travel firm buys up valleys buses

Veolia looses 3,5 billion EUR contract in Sweden

French company loses €3.5 billion contract over involvement with Jerusalem light railway

Why Boycott Veolia?

Stop Veolia running the London Cycle Hire Scheme

French company runs Israeli bus services to settlements

Veolia Environnement | Who Profits from the Occupation?

Dump Veolia


Howard Shultz, the chairman of Starbucks, is claimed to be an active Zionist. This is based on the fact that he was given the ‘Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award” by the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah for his services to the Zionist state in “playing a key role in promoting close alliance between the United States and Israel.”

The Fund gives money to Israeli arms fairs, which have been chaired by General Shaul Mofaz (responsible for the assault on Jenin in 2002) and to the Zionist propaganda website honestreporting.com (which describes itself as “an organization dedicated to defending Israel against prejudice in the Media”). The Fund of Aish HaTorah is a staunchly pro-Israel organisation promoting religious and racial cohesion and pride.

Shultz received this award in 1998 and, by 2001, Starbucks made attempts to aid Israel’s failing economy by opening coffee shops in Israel through a joint venture company, Shalom Coffee Co, which was owned by publicly traded Israeli conglomerate Delek Group and Starbucks Coffee International, Starbucks’ internationally focused wholly-owned subsidiary. The Delek Group is one of the largest investment groups based in Israel. The plan was to open 15 coffee shops by the end of 2002, but Starbucks only opened 6 shops, which had to be closed down in April 2003, due to financial losses caused by the severe recession and ‘security problems’.

Interestingly, after the shops closed, Zionists, and ultra-Zionists, such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) criticised Starbucks for pulling out of Israel. Others, such as the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, defended Starbucks, reassuring us that Shultz was indeed an ‘avid Zionist’ and ‘doing his best’.

According to isrelate.com, a website organised by people who believe “God has a special place for Israel”, Starbucks plans to continue its support for Israel. Starbucks sponsored a ‘Bowl 4 Israel’ fundraiser for a paratrooper unit in the Israel Defense Forces in 2003. Even though Starbucks has recently made a statement saying it is a non-political organisation, suggesting that it should not be the target of pro-Palestinian protests (such as the recent destruction of its shops in London and Beirut at Gaza demonstrations), there are references to its Zionist connections on a number of pro-Israel websites as well as calls to boycott the company coming from a wide variety of groups. Even if the readily available evidence regarding Starbucks is simply that the company has entered into joint business ventures with Israel and Israeli companies in the past and that the company is held in high esteem by Zionist groups, that, together with the company’s record on other issues such as union-busting, is enough to consider buying your coffee somewhere else.

Direct Action Against Israel – Part 2



The British Broadcasting Corporation has become a target for Gaza solidarity protests following its refusal to broadcast a humanitarian appeal for Gaza by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), an umbrella organisation for 13 aid charities, “leaving aid agencies with a potential shortfall of millions of pounds in donations,” as a Guardian article put it. By refusing to give free airtime to the appeal, the BBC made a unique decision to breach an agreement dating back to 1963, flimsily arguing that this “may compromise public confidence in the BBC’s impartiality in the context of an ongoing news story” (see here). Sky TV has also refused to broadcast the appeal, while ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 have all broadcast it.

On 24th January, the 4th Gaza march in London started at the BBC Broadcasting House in Portland Place, with angry speeches calling for the BBC Director-General Mark Thompson to resign and the public to burn their TV licences in protest (see here). Two days later, a few protesters entered the building and briefly occupied the lobby (see here). Similarly, over 100 people occupied BBC Scotland’s headquarters in Glasgow on 25th January, and the same happened in Manchester two days later (see here). Even some of BBC’s own staff have expressed their “disgust” at the decision, but have reportedly been threatened with sacking if they speak out on the issue (see here).

BBC offices throughout the country had already been sites of protest as a result of the BBC’s largely one-sided coverage of the Gaza massacre, allowing Israeli spokespeople endless opportunities to propagate lies and deception without challenge (see, for example, this excellent Electronic Intifada article. See also this Media Lens alert on British mainstream media’s biased and distorted coverage of the recent Gaza attacks).

Direct Action Against Israel – Part 1

Lloyds TSB

In early December last year, British charity Interpal, which is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of Palestinians in need, was notified by its bank, the Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB), that Lloyds TSB, which acts as its clearing bank, has given it instructions to cease all dealings with Interpal. The decision took effect on 8th December and all transactions into or out of Interpal accounts were blocked. IBB has offered Interpal verbal support but was apparently powerless in this situation. No reason was given by Lloyds for this punitive measure.

Back in 2004, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, staunch defenders of Israeli crimes, accused Interpal of involvement in ‘terrorism’, a smear for which they later had to pay damages. Allegations against Interpal of ‘supporting terrorism’ have been investigated by the UK Charity Commission, which found that the charity was a “well run and committed organisation which carries out important work in a part of the world where there is great hardship and suffering.”

Lloyds TSB Chairman, Sir Victor Blank, is a governor of Tel Aviv University, Chair of Union of Jewish Students/Hillel, a member of the Advisory Board of the United Jewish Israel Appeal and is involved in Labour Friends of Israel. UJS/Hillel assists members of the pro-Israel Union of Jewish Students, a group that works to silence pro-Palestinian voices on British campuses. One Lloyds TSB director, Sir David Manning, is an ex-ambassador to both Israel and the USA and was Foreign Policy Adviser to Tony Blair during the planning for the invasion of Iraq. Both Blank and Manning are believed to have influenced the move against Interpal. Hitting charities that help Palestinians only serves to support Israel by shutting off the trickle of aid that organisations like Interpal manage to get into Gaza and the Occupied Territories over years of Israel’s brutal siege.

Since then, Lloyds TSB has been the subject of protests and pickets around the England and Scotland (see here, for example). For more information on Lloyds TSB and Interpal, see here.

Direct Action Against Israel – Part 1


BAE Systems is the UK’s biggest arms company and the world’s third-largest defence company, with annual sales exceeding £15.7 billion. The company made headlines last year after it was accused by the Serious Fraud Office of “concealing the truth” about its £43bn arms deals with Saudi Arabia (see here).

BAE’s products include assault rifles, artillery guns, missiles, torpedoes, tanks, armoured vehicles, unmanned combat aircraft, warships, nuclear submarines, nuclear weapons (via subsidiary MBDA), radar systems, and handcuffs and shackles used in Guantanamo Bay and Saudi Arabia.

BAE is known to have supplied Israel with ‘Head-Up Displays’ (HUD) for F16 fighter aircraft, which have been used by the Israeli army to turn Lebanese and Palestinian villages and towns into rubble. The first of Israel’s new order arrived in 2005 and the first 25 F16s were fitted with BAE’s HUDs. The remaining 77 were to be fitted with Elbit HUDs. BAE also supply Israel with part of the ‘navigation suite’ and elements of the ‘self-protection suite’ (including a BAE Systems/Rokar flare) for all Israel’s F16 jets.

It has been reported that BAE’s Suter airborne network attack system was used by Israel in its bombing of Syria in 2007. Suter is developed by BAE Systems and integrated into US unmanned aircraft by L-3 Communications. The technology, which allows users to invade communications networks and even take over as systems administrator, has been used by the US army, or at least tested operationally, in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last year.

Recent protests against BAE in solidarity with Gaza have included a protest by a group of Warwick University students against a recruitment event run by BAE and Warwick Careers Service (see here). On 22nd January, a group of local activists blocked the entrance to BAE Systems in Newcastle in a ‘die-in’ protest (see here). The company’s head office is located in central London (6 Carlton Gardens, SW1Y 5AD). For more information, see Corporate Watch’s BAE Systems company profile. A list of BAE Systems locations in the UK can be found here.

Direct Action Against Israel – Part 1


Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace and defence company, with annual sales of $61.5 billion and 150,000 employees in 70 countries. Boeing Defence UK (BDUK) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Boeing Company, with head offices recently moved from Heathrow airport (Cardinal Point, Newall Road) to Central London (16 St James’s Street, London, SW1).

Boeing has had a long business history with the Israeli military. Its recently deliveries to Israel include: IAI-developed arrow missiles, Boeing AGM-114D Longbow Hellfire missiles, 18 AH-64D Apache Longbow fighter helicopters, 63 Boeing F15 Eagle fighter planes, 102 Boeing F16 Eagle fighter planes, 42 BOEING AH-64 Apache fighter helicopters, F-16 Peace Marble II & III Aircraft, 4 Boeing 777s, and Arrow II interceptors. In September last year, the US government approved the sale of 1,000 GBU-9 small diameter bombs made by Boeing to Israel, in a deal valued at up to $77 million (see here).

Boeing subsidiaries with a presence in the UK include Alteon, Jeppesen, Continental Data Graphics (CDG), and Preston Aviation (see here). Boeing also works with three universities in the UK on collaborative research and technology: Cambridge, Cranfield and Sheffield (see here).

Recent protests against Boeing in connection with the Israeli massacres in Gaza include an anonymous protester smashing some windows of the Boeing office in Bristol on new year’s eve. The windows have been boarded up and the office has not apparently reopened since.

Direct Action Against Israel – Part 1