Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) owns Electronic Data Systems, which heads a consortium providing biometric monitoring of checkpoints, including four built inside the West Bank in violation of international law (Betunia, Tarqumia, Qalandia, and Bethlehem checkpoints). HP also supplies printers to the IDF, which enforces the occupation. The Israeli Navy has chosen HP Israel to implement the outsourcing of its information technology infrastructure. Under the project, HP Israel will assume full responsibility for the management and operation of the Navy’s IT infrastructure, including computer and communications centers. With the aid of these communications centers, the Israeli Navy has attacked ships carrying humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. It regularly attacks Gaza’s fishermen within Gaza’s own territorial waters, and has often shelled civilian areas in the Gaza Strip, killing Palestinians. A Hewlett Packard subsidiary, HP Invent, is listed among companies outsourcing IT services to a company called Matrix, which employs settlers in the illegal settlement of Modi’in Illit to do much of its IT work at low wages.

http://www.neumc.org/console/files/oFiles_Library_XZXLCZ/FULL_April_2010_DTF_Reportfinal_ RXMZAKQR.pdf

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