Somerfield sells both Israeli goods and settlement goods in its 880 stores. Apax Partners, an investment company with subsidiaries in Israel and which advises funds holding shares in Israeli settlement companies Tnuva, Agrexco Agricultural Export Company and Field Produce Ltd, has a majority of shares in Somerfield.

It seems that because of the takeover by the consortium dominated by Apax Partners in December 2005, Somerfield rescinded its commitment to the Ethical Trading Initiative. However, as of December 2008, Somerfield is in the process of being taken over by the Cooperative Group. It remains to be seen whether Somerfield, under new ownership, will take a similar stance to the Co-op against the sale of Israeli settlement produce.

Somerfield Group
Somerfield House
Whitchurch Lane
BS14 0TJ
tel: 0117 935 9359
fax: 0117 978 0629

Direct Action Against Israel – Part 2

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  1. Thankfully I do not have Somerfield nearby so it will not affect me but I will cease shopping coop for a pro boycott stance. It should be up to the individual to boycott not a corporation . Talk with your choices and it is just as wrong to push your choice on a corporation to restrict choice. Next you will be pro Isis goods too ..

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