Tesco boycott demo over Gaza – Clarksfield, Oldham, UK

Free Palestine/Boycott Tesco protest outside Lees Road, Oldham Tesco

The Clarksfield community turned out in force this weekend to urge people to boycott Tesco because it stocks Israeli goods.

More than 40 people protested outside Tesco Express on Lees Road — holding banners saying “boycott Tesco” and “free Gaza” as well as waving Palestine flags.

The peaceful, yet powerful, protest ran from 1 to 5pm on both Saturday and yesterday and continued to grow in numbers throughout.

People involved in the demonstration said this was not a political statement but a promotion of human rights — stating that they have grown concerned that Israeli products purchased by the supermarket could help fund weapons to attack Palestine.

Sonny Arstan, a Clarksfield resident said: “This is part of a national protest but we are showing that our community cares about what is happening in Gaza.

“By selling their produce Tesco is helping Israel fund the production of weapons and innocent people are being killed everyday. This has to stop.

“The protest today is to show people that they can make a difference. We’re not here to cause trouble; we just want to alert people to what is going on.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “Like all major UK retailers, we sell some products that are sourced from Israel. We do this in line with the Government position on trade with Israel, and we mark all products clearly with the country of origin, so customers can make informed choices about what to buy.”

A number of residents expressed their concerns about the protest, stating that the mass presence was intimidating.

Rita Taylor said: “I feel for the elderly who rely on this shop and are being intimidated. This can’t carry on.”

Tesco boycott demo over Gaza

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  1. British people should take this more seriously. It is not just products from Israel origin, our supermarkets are full of kosher products, a tax you pay to Israel like in Feudalism times. Your local produced oats from Ireland, from Dorset,…, and many other products that are healthy are labelled kosher, while all the rest non-kosher products turn out to be the junk food that giant jewish corporations are producing with loads of additives and other poisons. Ban Kosher now, everybody has the right to eat healthy without paying to war criminals and mafia.

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