Tesco withdraws West Bank products


Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, says it will no longer sell products originating from the West Bank, starting this September.

A spokesman for the supermarket said the move was not “politically motivated” and not connected to the Gaza conflict.

The decision was part of a “regular product review process”, he said.

The only West Bank product currently stocked were dates – packaged in the territories but grown in Israel – and they were being pulled for “commercial reasons”, the spokesman said.

Meanwhile two separate health and beauty product suppliers told the JC that Tesco had asked them to list all their products and ingredients from Israel and the Occupied Territories.

Tesco said it had asked for the information because of inquiries from customers.

The spokesman said: “We have received some questions from customers about products we sell that are sourced from Israel or the West Bank.

“To make sure we answered their questions with the most accurate and up to date information, we contacted suppliers to double check our own information, particularly for branded products.

“We have no plans to change our position on sourcing from Israel.”

Tesco withdraws West Bank products

13 thoughts on “Tesco withdraws West Bank products”

  1. hello,
    as a previously long standing customer with Tesco – also many friends and family did so. I speak on behalf of them and myself with regard to products produced and imported from stolen Palestinian land.
    I and my family are boycotting anything and every thing to do with Israel therefore I read with interest this article and I would like affirmation from you that you will no longer be selling products from Israel from September 2014.
    when I am confident this is the case I and friends and family will resume shopping in your store.

    I hope a response is imminent.
    thank you,

    Nita Alnajjar

  2. Don’t believe anything tesco say! At the top they say they wont sell anything from the west bank and at the bottom they say:
    “We have no plans to change our position on sourcing from Israel.”
    Tescos need to stop trade with war criminals and that is Israel and they illegally occupy Palestine. Tescos are trying to confuse people… I say stay away from tesco. Every little will help the palestinian people get their stolen land back!

  3. Anyone who buys products from the terrorist state of Israel are effectively promoting the killing of thousands of innocent Palestinian children that were cold bloodily murdered while they were a sleep in their poor homes.

  4. To all you bubbleheads harping on about Israel, Learn your facts before you jump on the anti_Israel bandwagon. The oppressors in that region of the world are – Hamas. Hamas use their own citizens as human shields after firing rockets into israel. The Hamas are a “terrorist group” nothing more.

    And to all you progressive liberals who like to take the moral high ground and shout down anyone who doesn’t agree with you, that is a sure sign of how high your IQ is.

    Israel has the right to exist and defend itself against islamic fundamentalists who have one agenda only and that is to kill Jews.

    Another fact you bunch of deluded hypocrites might be interested to know is this; there is no such thing as a Palestinian people. They are refugees who were expelled from Syria.

    “Evil Jews killed Jesus who came out of the land of Egypt” – QUOTE OF THE POLISH KATOLIC THE BIBLE PUBLISHERS (1880 -1920)

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