Tesco stores stock a large amount of produce grown in the Occupied Territories and purchased from the Israeli state, including fruit and vegetables from producer Carmel-Agrexco. Israeli products stocked by Tesco include fruit juice, mangoes, avocados, grapes, stonefruit, dates, herbs, pickled cucumbers, Exquisa potatoes, mixed peppers (from Israel and a second country of origin), Barkan wine, Yarden wine, biscuits, cold meat, dips, Osem soups and cakes, snacks by Beigel & Beigel, Telma (soup mixes and cubes, noodles etc) and socks (Tesco’s own brand).

Tesco sells products from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, many of which are exported by Carmel Agrexco. The company admitted sourcing ‘a number of products’ from illegal settlements, including avocados, herbs, grapes and stonefruit, such as peaches, from farms in the West Bank and Golan Heights. In 2006 War on Want reported that Tesco sells Beigel and Beigel products sourced from the settlements. Tesco also sells gas cylinders for products made by settlement company Soda Club, and repackages settlement dates from Hadiklaim as Tesco own brand dates. Mehadrin-Tnuport Export Company (MTex) supplies Tesco with settlement citrus fruit and there are links between Tesco and the Arava settlement company.

In October 2007, a group of campaigners from the Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group entered Tomer settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley and photographed medjoul dates, packaged by Carmel Agrexco, labelled ‘Made in Israel’ and marked as bound for Tesco stores.

Products exported as ‘Made in Israel’ benefit from the preferential trade terms of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, which came into effect in 2000. Settlement products, however, are excluded from the beneficial terms of the EU-IAA.

When ITN screened an expose in 2007 accusing supermarkets of misleading British consumers, Tesco admitted it had acted “in error” and stated that Israeli dates “originating solely in the West Bank will [in the future] be labelled as such.”

Boycott Israeli Goods and others groups have been campaigning against the ‘West Bank’ label as it misleads consumers into believing produce from illegal settlements is actually Palestinian. The Palestinian General Delegation to the UK has written a letter of protest to Tesco, and other retailers, for persisting in the use of this misleading label.

Tesco says that ‘freedom of choice’ is one of the company’s priorities and consumers can choose not to buy Israeli products. However, in correspondence with campaigners in 2006, Tesco representatives said they were phasing out Tesco’s line of Israeli peppers due to consumer pressure. Boycott Israeli Goods campaigners have also consistently attended the Tesco AGM to raise the issue of settlement produce and propose a boycott of Israeli goods.

John Porter, one of the principal shareholders in Tesco, also has substantial investments in Israeli companies. In 2000, Tesco awarded a $1 million IT contract to the Israeli firm Tescom to provide a solution for Tesco’s Year 2000 conversion requirements.

During the bombing of Gaza, Tesco was targeted across the country by campaigners calling for a boycott of Israeli goods. In Swansea, activists stole Israeli settlement produce from Tesco and sprayed it with red dye to highlight Tesco’s complicity in Israel’s war crimes by profiting from settlement produce and enabling the settlements to trade and profit from their illegal occupation of Palestinian land.


“treat people how we like to be treated”

“no-one tries harder for customers”   (Corporate Responsibility Review 2008)
Email: customer.service@tesco.co.uk

Tesco PLC
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fruit juice, mango, avocado, grapes, stonefruit, dates oranges, Shamouti oranges, organic and white grapefruit, red and yellow grapefruit, Sharon fruit,  replace “dates” with King Solomon dates, Medjool dates, organic Medjool dates

a variety (including Tesco’s own name), ‘Israel’ and ‘West Bank’ fresh herbs including fresh dill, basil, chives, mint, lemon thyme

pickled cucumbers herbs – a variety (but packed under Tesco’s own name) Exquisa potatoes, mixed peppers from Israel and a second country of origin Nicola new potatoes, baby new potatoes

Barkan wine, Yarden wine, biscuits, cold meat, dips, Osem (soups and cakes), snacks by Beigel & Beigel, Telma (soup mixes and cubes, noodles etc), socks (Tesco own brand)

Direct Action Against Israel – Part 2

Palestine Israel Ethical Shopping Initiative

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    1. @Virgil

      Seems like you have many names Virgil, Max, Mattheus.

      Shame on you, you do not deserve to be classed as a human being.

    2. @Mattheus

      Stop being so cold-hearted. As reported by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch (the very people who report to journalists) and others. Most of the targeted are children, babies, the elderly and disabled civilians in Gaza, targeted by Israel – they are innocent victims. Even babies/kids have their body blown up by Israeli bombs. Would you really want this blood on your hands? Then one day you would be punished for it with a mighty torment. Bigger than the torment you see in Gaza. Also your chancing that this may happen to you and your kids one day; after all it does come back on people.

    3. @Mattheus, hope you enjoy your purchase with a side of Palestinian mother’s blood, and perhaps a little limb of a child..What do you prefer? Thigh or arm?

  1. So good to know that some of the the world is not sleeping while isreal is killing innocent babies and families. The sad thing is that they have the big bullies- America supporting them. People just need to go back into history to see that Isreal is the one who has taken land not belonging to them. How can people in Gaze ignore this ?

    i am really sorry
    I dont know what can I do for them
    all we are responsible about helping Gaza’s people

  3. Tesco sell one product, yes ONE product from the west bank so take down your lies and stop your silly political agenda. People can choose what they want to buy and from where so give it up.

    Bye xxx

    1. Nope, at least 10 different products from my local (very small) store are from illegally occupied land. You can buy what you want, I just don’t like the blood of children slathered over my dinner.

  4. In that case the world should boycott all British goods for all the thousands they killed in Afghanistan which they dared call a “war” funny that I don’t remember any British home being targeted not to mention the fact the place is thousands of miles away!!!! The hypocrisy is beyond belief.

    I will certainly enjoy my Israeli goods # free Israel

  5. wasnt aware that tesco were guilty of this – i wont be buying nothing there ever again.nor will my family and friends.

  6. Such stupidity. Don’t these people reallise it is HAMAS who are causing all this bloodshed by planting weapons in schools, mosques etc.

    Israelis want peace – Hamas want death to all Jews.

    1. What peace u are talking about when those zionist clearly stole palestinian land? Israel is an illegal country! If i come over to your house, took control of your entire house n put u n your family in the toilet, would u want to have peace with me?

  7. Even Judaism is against what israel is doing. Israeli s are bullies n America is supporting them. The media is very good at making the world believe that Hamas are terrorists. All Hamas are doing is defending there land and the Palestinian people and there weaponry can not compare to thst of israelis. America invests billions in the iron dome for Israel but who is protecting t g email Palestinian people? We hear about individual Israeli people who have beeb and how sad it is but how much do we here about individual Palestinians. Clearly they are justnumbers to t he world and not people. What about women and children locked up in Israeli prison’s? Are the Palestinians not human? Schools n hospital s do not have weapons stocked in them, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard a u would not put patients and children at risk. Israel has made it clear to kill every mother so they stop breeding. This is as bad as if not worse than what Hitler did. I will certainly not be buying any is real products even if I have to grow my own food! When I see a tesco sainsbury as da etc logo I see the images of dead children and bloodied bodies.

  8. I don’t know why people who think it is OK to kill innocent civilians and little angel children bother to read this site. They are also the people who are in denial of the deeper issue of what caused the bitter anger against Israel, so in effect are “genocide deniers”, just like “holocaust deniers”.
    No-one is making you read this site, just as no-one expects you to stop buying Israeli goods.
    If you have children I hope you have nightmares about the same evils happening to them as Palestinian children.
    The Israel-Gaza problem will never be solved whilst Israel are not willing to consider the deeper issues and consider how they can compromise and compensate Palestinians. In the meantime they will continue to create thousands of terrorists by they’re actions.

  9. Thousands massacred, mostly civilians, women and children. Power station, hospitals, water works, schools and homes destroyed.
    Without electricity, water, petrol, gas (stolen), little food. Still the courageous people of Palestine fight on against the superpower supplied killing machine.
    Palestine forever from the river to the sea!

  10. 2015 and tesco still selling produce from invasors and killers!! i dont buy any from them. do the same people wake up!!

  11. For the people who consider boycott, are you now going to boycott all middle east products in Isis countries or the Rothschild family of wines since one of their vineyards were in an occupied area or are you just anti Israel like all muslim countries. Do you realise 26k + rockets were launched from Gaza since the Israel counter went live?. Or have you heard of the Gaza hospital which was never used lined with explosives in the concrete to kill any who enters. Or the fact that the aid trucks entering Gaza are shot at from inside Gaza? No I do not agree with israel killing civilians or America ir uk or Russia. I also do not agree with Palestinian arabs killing elderly and children by knife or gun. I also do not agree with Palestine using hospital, mosque, hotel and school ground to launch rockets or store arms. These latter actions are going to inflict retributive and civilian casualties just due to the launch areas. Palestinians are no less guilty than Israel and usually it is Palestine that initiates a first launch. Stolen land ? The golan heights were a staging point in the last big war hence it is occupied to maintain safety.most of Israeli lands were bought at 10 time is market value at the time of purchase. So you who boycott look at both sides before you cry foul. I will buy Israeli goods and boycott middle east goods if I see them.

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