UK Zionist Federation Activist and Blogger Richard Millett Harassed Mourners


The UK Zionist Federation portrays itself as a reputable organisation. The behaviour of its activists, though, suggests it is anything but so.

Here is an example: UK Zionist Federation activist and chief blogger- Richard Millett- was warned by police that he would be arrested if he remained in the vicinity of the hall where a memorial service was being held for Hannah Braun in London earlier this year (April 2012).

Millett had been spotted with his camera after he had sneaked into the memorial service. Asked what he was doing there Millett told one witness that he had come to check on anti-semitic activities.

The police warning to Millett came after he was finally ejected for videoing individual attendees and proceedings at close quarter. Millett had refused to leave previously and had ignored pleas by relatives of the deceased that he should do so.

The memorial service, attended by family, friends and colleagues of Hannah, was both a celebration and remembrance of her life as a long-standing human rights campaigner. Hannah had arrived in Palestine in 1937 aged 10 as a Jewish refugee and had participated in Israel’s creation but she became a committed and active supporter of Palestinian rights in the years after that.

Millett’s presence at the memorial service was seen by many attendees of the memorial service as a cruel and deliberate provocation aimed at those who were in mourning. As one witness said Millett’s tactics and behaviour speak volumes about the state of the pro-Israel lobby in the UK.

UK Zionist Federation Activist and Blogger Richard Millett Harassed Mourners

2 thoughts on “UK Zionist Federation Activist and Blogger Richard Millett Harassed Mourners”

  1. Ironic how Mr Millet uses the same tactics the Nazis used to further their ends.
    The Zionist Federation exists to further the impression that Israel is the victim and to put positive spin on Israels wrong doings. How do you justify the killing of a child? Mr Millet.

  2. A relation of mine who works for a certain ministry tells me that UK zionist target individuals for organised harassment involving stalking and the spreading of calumny. Many of the harassers use their mobiles to flash mob and hound indiiduals.

    No doubt Millet is collecting intelligence for zionist intimidation activities.

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